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The functions listed below are deprecated and will be defunct in the near future. When possible, alternative functions with similar functionality are also mentioned. Help pages for deprecated functions are available at help("<function>-deprecated").


plot.mixedAn(x, y.limits=NULL, pos=c(0,1), graph=c("base","ggplot2"),...)



An object of class mixedAn, given as output of the call to the function mixedAn().


Range of the y-axis for the graph. The default value is NULL, in which case the maximum range between the optimal and the mixed analysis scenarios is considered.


Parameter to set the position of the legend. Can be given in form of a string (bottom|top)(right|left) for base graphics and bottom|top|left|right for ggplot2. It can be a two-elements vector, which specifies the relative position on the x and y axis respectively, or alternatively it can be in form of a logical variable, with FALSE indicating to use the default position and TRUE to place it on the bottom of the plot. Default value is c(0,1), that is in the topleft corner inside the plot area.


A string used to select the graphical engine to use for plotting. Should (partial-)match the two options "base" or "ggplot2". Default value is "base".


Arguments to be passed to methods, such as graphical parameters (see par()).



A ggplot object containing the plot. Returned only if graph="ggplot2".

The function produces a graph showing the difference between the ''optimal'' version of the EVPI (when only the most cost-effective intervention is included in the market) and the mixed strategy one (when more than one intervention is considered in the market).


For plot.mixedAn, use evi.plot().

Summary plot of the health economic analysis when the mixed analysis is considered

Compares the optimal scenario to the mixed case in terms of the EVPI.


Gianluca Baio, Andrea Berardi