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Prints a summary table for the results of the mixed analysis for the economic evaluation of a given model.


# S3 method for mixedAn
summary(object, wtp = 25000, ...)



An object of the class mixedAn, which is the results of the function mixedAn(), generating the economic evaluation of a set of interventions, considering given market shares for each option.


The value of the willingness to pay chosen to present the analysis.


Additional arguments affecting the summary produced.


Produces a table with summary information on the loss in expected value of information generated by the inclusion of non cost-effective interventions in the market.


Baio G, Russo P (2009). “A decision-theoretic framework for the application of cost-effectiveness analysis in regulatory processes.” Pharmacoeconomics, 27(8), 5--16. ISSN 20356137, doi:10.1007/bf03320526 .

Baio G, Dawid aP (2011). “Probabilistic sensitivity analysis in health economics.” Stat. Methods Med. Res., 1--20. ISSN 1477-0334, doi:10.1177/0962280211419832 ,

Baio G (2013). Bayesian Methods in Health Economics. CRC.

See also


Gianluca Baio


# See Baio G., Dawid A.P. (2011) for a detailed description of the 
# Bayesian model and economic problem

# Load the processed results of the MCMC simulation model

# Runs the health economic evaluation using BCEA
m <- bcea(e=eff, c=cost,    # defines the variables of 
                            #  effectiveness and cost
      ref=2,                # selects the 2nd row of (e,c) 
                            #  as containing the reference intervention
      interventions=treats, # defines the labels to be associated 
                            #  with each intervention
      Kmax=50000            # maximum value possible for the willingness 
                            #  to pay threshold; implies that k is chosen 
                            #  in a grid from the interval (0,Kmax)

mixedAn(m) <- NULL      # uses the results of the mixed strategy 
                        #  analysis (a "mixedAn" object)
                        # the vector of market shares can be defined 
                        #  externally. If NULL, then each of the T 
                        #  interventions will have 1/T market share

# Prints a summary of the results
summary(m,         # uses the results of the mixed strategy analysis 
        wtp=25000) #  (a "mixedAn" object)
#> Analysis of mixed strategy for willingness to pay parameter k = 25000
#> Reference intervention: Vaccination (50.00% market share)
#> Comparator intervention: Status Quo (50.00% market share)
#> Loss in the expected value of information = 0.61
                   # selects the relevant willingness to pay 
                   #  (default: 25,000)